Activity Fields

KHANH HOA TRADING COMPANY – KHATRACOM, was established in 2002. We are one of the well-known logistic agents in Vietnam.

We are professional in domestic and international logistics via airway, seaway and inland transport.. With the advantage of being recognised to be the Customs Agency by The Vietnam Customs, we can act well in customs clearance, customs consultancy, maritime services, warehousing, packaging…



 We are proud of being recognised by Vietnam Gerneral Customs as the first customs agency in Khanh Hoa:


KHATRACOM, a member of Vietnam Freight Forwarders Association - VIFFAS, is one of the pioneers in logistics nationwide. Our experienced and intelligent staffs can advise all clients carefully about types of import and export as well as how to prepare documents legally in order to bring them the most economic results.

    We have been professionally bringing perfect services to most of companies, manufacturers in the province and vessels which call at Hyundai Vinashin Shipyard (HVS) for being repaired.

  1. For manufacturers.

   On behalf of clients, we carry out the following steps:

            -          Completing all customs clearance to import raw materials.

            -          Supervising the processing period

            -          Exporting finished products.

            -          Completing duty refund policy.

  We make sure to give all clients the satisfaction from our professional services.

Some key partners:                 

  1. For oversized, overweighted cargoes at Tan Cang-Petro Cam Ranh:

We can meet all demands of bulk-cargo vessels, discharging oversized & overweighted cargoes at Tan Cang - Petro Cam Ranh & trucking to the sites by specialized trailors:


  1. Logistic services to the Vietnam Navy's fleets:


  1. For vessels being repaired in Huyndai Vinashin Shipyard (HVS):

   Most of vessels in HVS have big needs of importing spare parts from abroad. To ensure repairing progress, they always require the shortest forwarding duration from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to HVS. Not exceeding 48 hours since the shipments arrive at Tan Son Nhat airport, we can quickly finish all steps to deliver the shipment on board.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to receive our advices for proper preparation of shipping documents.


  1. For high-class hotels, resorts & spas:

Time after time we bring our professional services to most of high-class hotels, resorts & spas in the city. Souvenirs, gifts, personal effects of tourists and experts who come to Vietnam for work were delivered to clients in a shortest time. Our "Door-to-Door" services surely bring you satisfaction and confidence. Especially, we specialize in importing machines, equipments for projects of resorts & spas.

      For International Paint PTE Ltd -Vietnam(IPVN):

IPVN is one of the famous industrial and marine coatings corporations in the world. We are now its exclusive logistic agent in Central Vietnam. With a spacious warehouse and a team of diligent staffs, we supply timely all kinds of industrial and marine paints marked International to our clients in Central Vietnam.